John Roderick

Visual & Interaction Designer

What floats my boat

Nice to meet you, I'm John Roderick. I'm a Visual Designer and User Experience practitioner by day. Nights and weekends though, I turn into a Tottenham Hotspur-loving, martini-drinking, kiddo-chasing poor excuse for a golfer. I'm also a graduate student at DePaul University, studying Human-Computer Interaction. It's been a challenging but extremely rewarding experience and I look forward to strengthening my UX knowledge and capabilities.

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Professional Focus

Mobile Application Design

I love the challenges of crafting beautiful and engaging user experiences in the mobile space. I enjoy all aspects of the mobile design process, from sketching, wireframing and prototyping through high fidelity mockups and asset production.

Web & Email Design

I design and code a variety of online projects, from landing pages to responsive websites and email design. I have extensive experience translating my visual creations into clean and valid HTML & CSS. I even have enough Javascript / JQuery knowledge to make me dangerous, as Iceman would say.

Interface Design

I'm a design nerd through and through, so naturally data visualization and form layouts get me giddy. I've done quite a bit of work in the financial space, including trading and banking interfaces and financial data displays. Who doesn't love an awesome chart?

Print & Layout

My original love, I still enjoy designing for print. You name it, I've done it all; identity, brochures, large run print ads, newsletters, direct mail, promotional posters, business cards and plenty more. I also secretly love the smell of freshly printed material. Maybe not so secretly, actually.

A few samples of my work (coming soon)

Things are always changing and there's always something new. Get in touch if you want to see more of anything!